Alberta Leaving: There Are Worse Problems

Like this for example.

Friends aren’t friends forever these days.   I’m not saying either of these options are actually good ideas.  It’s just that one gets more press than the other.  Losing one province, which would probably come back to us anyway after trying to go it alone for about a month, is not as bad as losing your entire land mass.  If the US paves their entire country, where do you think they will turn for resources.  Trade agreements will only hold out for so long.  Why pay someone else for things when you could just make those things yours by other means.  I’m not endorsing this.  Canada should not give up its nationhood.  Just don’t be surprised if an annexation happens.  The States already has Alaska.  What’s to stop them from eventually wanting more?  They could easily win in a fight based on numbers alone.  Things are only going to get more crowded for them.  As great as our wide open spaces are heee in Canada.  It is possible that they may not remain that way.  Hopefully this won’t happen in my lifetime, but you never really know.  Alberta secession, if it even happens, is so small compared to this.  It’s no good if Canada loses most of its energy sector, but even worse if it loses its ability to call the shots as a nation.  The Canadian media is obsessed with America.  You hear about American issues more than Canadian issues.  Perhaps this is foreshadowing.

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