An Interesting Thing About Rock Shows

So I went to see TobyMac live tonight.  It was fun!  Toby did a solid set, and so did the person who opened for him.  (Interesting how nobody ever seems to remember the opening band).  I noticed something interesting tonight, it was something that has happened at every rock show I’ve ever seen, but it really sunk in tonight.  Often the lead singer in a band will try to connect with fans and make sure they are doing alright.  For those fans that are not doing alright they will often have some sort of uplifting message to encourage them.  After seeing U2 earlier this summer, I realized that this does not just occur in concerts by “Christian Rock Bands.”  Then it occurred to me, some folks go to rock shows to have a good time and listen to good music.  Others go to rock shows to escape the mundane boredom, and confusion of their own lives and bask in the world created by the band in their live performance even if it is just for 90 minutes.  It is good that these individuals get the encouragement they have been longing for, for however long that they have been in need of it.

I suppose blogs could be read for that same purpose sometimes.

Hang in there guys.

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