Blue M&Ms: Can They Cause Cancer?

It has been said that Blue M&Ms might give a person cancer. However, a person should not believe everything they read on the internet. Especially things you find on those quick answer sites. Read into it a bit more.

Anyway this debate has been around for a while so I will add my 2 cents. I have eaten many blue M&Ms and have yet to develop any crazy cancerous tumers. As far as I can tell, the odds of getting cancer from blue m&ms are the same as with any other colour…which is quite slim to none.

Another Interesting Thing About Blue M&Ms

According to the dye from blue m&ms can actually help re build damaged spinal chords. Eating them could even cure paralisis (The Washington Post)

“The next time someone tries to argue that all M&Ms are the same, no matter the color, you can tell them about the blue M&M. The candy (like Gatorade and other products) gets its color from a food dye similar to Brilliant Blue G (BBG) — a compound that, as it turns out, is medically useful. Building on earlier research, scientists at the University of Rochester Medical Center have found that injections of BBG can relieve mice of secondary spinal cord injuries. In September, they will start conducting human clinical trials”

You would probablyhave to eat a lot of blue m&ms for that to work. But it’s pretty cool anyway.

Now back to this cancer causing business. Having yet to find any credible sources that state that blue m&ms cause cancer (aside from hear say and people who don’t back up their sources). I will have to assume my original position. So keep eating your M&Ms in moderation and you should be good!

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  1. Thanks Brian! I would have been staying far away from those blue candys as i could have! but thanks to you I can freely eat my blue M & M'sIn the life of Brian- No pun intended SAVED MY LIFE!

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