Blurred: A Good Eye Appointment

If you thought I was done this writing project you would be wrong.

I had another eye appointment.  All the same things happened as in the previous one.  Except this time the the Glaucoma test actually worked on me without them having to resort to the “freeze your eye and poke it with a needle” trick.  I was quite pleased with that.  It’s nice to see the leaps and bounds they’ve made in this area in just over a year’s time.  People sometimes ask me if my vision has improved since the last one and the answer is no.  However, there was no negative changes since the last appointment, so for me that is a good appointment.  My vision will not get better, but it’s nice when it doesn’t get worse.  Thanks to everyone who helped me in my eye exam yesterday.  You contribute to a lot of good work and I appreciate it.

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