Book Review: Couplehood


I’m going to be honest with you for a minute, I’m at that age where I’ll take any good advice I can find when it comes to anything to do with coupleness…from dating to afterwards.  So when I saw this book by Paul Reiser (The guy from “Mad About You”) on the subject.  As can be expected from Reiser, the book is absolutely hilarious…It’s also very short, easily read in a few days.  My only disappointment about the book is that Reiser, with all his experience being a married man, still has not got his wife completely figured out.  (I thought I was going to learn a ton of things about women that I didn’t know already…but I didn’t learn that much).  Then again that may be too much pressure to put on any one man, as you will learn about if you give this book a read.

I would give this book a 9/10  It starts in a logical place and has a good progression through a variety of subjects one may face when married.  Character development is minimal…since it’s stories about Paul and his wife, there isn’t as much call for character development in this case.  Over all, Couplehood is an extremely enjoyable read.

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