Book Review: The Blood Gospel

I realize that in my last book review (The Almost True Story of Ryan Fisher) I gave most of the plot away, which would not have inspired you to read the book at all.  I will try not to do that this time.


The Blood Gospel

What starts out as a typical archeological dig for Erin Granger turns into the biggest adventure of her life as she, a Roman Catholic Priest (who happens to be a vampire as we find out half way through the book), and a US Marine set off to find a Gospel that was supposedly written by Jesus Christ himself in his own blood…sketchy.

That’s all the plot you’re getting this time.


I found the book very interesting, until everyone turned into vampires and started killing off every imaginable character.  Several characters were obviously unneeded as they were quickly killed off pretty much as soon as they arrived on the scene.  What is it with our obsession with blood and guts these days?  The killings in this book are extremely graphic and descriptive…not to mention frequent.  Vampires need a lot of blood apparently.  Honestly, I never would have read this one had I known it was going to be one of those vampire type novels.  I would give this book a 3/10 mostly because I’m not into vampire novels.  If you like them, you should still check it out.  It gets 3 points from me for good plot development and being well written in spite of all the blood and guts.

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