Changes, A Lot of “News”

A note to my readers:

The posts previously labeled as “Announcements” have now been labeled as “News” since that’s what they are, and it’s a shorter word!  I’m trying to slim things down to keep this thing relevant.  Also the section formerly known as “About the Blog” in the tabs at the top of the page, will now be known as “News.”  Thirdly, to access my “Advent 2010 Series” of blog posts you may look under “Church Relevance.”  Fourthly, I’ve shortened the “Visitor Feedback” section to just “Feedback”  But click on it and you’ll know what to do there!

It’s the same great blog, just slightly more streamlined.  You’ll still be able to find everything.  Perhaps you will find it easier to navigate than before.

Thanks for reading!

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