Could Valentine’s Day Be About Bacon?

Ah yes, the day is nearly upon us.  That special day where everyone gushes about their significant others all day long and celebrates love that they have apparently pent up inside themselves for the entire year.  Then there’s us single people. For us it’s just business as usual, trying to avoid Facebook so we don’t feel lonely as the folks with relationships have their blissful day where they can finally love without holding anything back.

Shouldn’t you love without holding back every day?  I wonder.  Anyway, back to the point.  Where did we come up with the idea that Valentine’s day is all about love and taking people on dates?  The original Valentine was a Martyr who died because people didn’t like the fact that he followed Jesus Christ.

Valentine didn’t die for his girlfriend or even his wife, which would have been fantastically noble and romantic things.  He died for his faith.

Somehow we got romantic love out of that.  It wasn’t the original point.

I wonder if Valentine’s day could perhaps be about anything at all.  Like bacon perhaps.  You don’t need a date for that!  Even vegetarians can eat bacon if they want to, Bacon does not depend on a relationship status.  Bacon makes the hungry full and the lonely not care.

I’m not down on celebrating love.  Love should be celebrated every day in a thousand ways.  We don’t need to wait around for some special day.  Spread it around the whole year.  Yes, that includes February, 14th.

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