COVID 19: May 16, 2020

Remember when Saturdays used to be fun.  Sort of like the Chicago song.

You’re welcome.  That version had the best audio that I could find quickly, and it saves you from having to see the weird hair and moustaches in the original video.  Saturdays used to be my favourite day of the week.  Now with the lockdown they are just as full of lonlieness as the rest of the week and life becomes more like this other Chicago song.

If it weren’t for my roommate then I wouldn’t have ever come across these guys by myself, because I would have confused them with Earth, Wind, and Fire.

In my region we have been granted a two household bubble as of yesterday, so that is progress, but it doesn’t take away the fear of most around here.  Depression has taken hold of many of the seniors who the government has been trying to protect by using these measures.  Fear lasts a long time no matter who you are when you’re trying to manage things by yourself.

How long is it going to take for enough people to realize that none of us have it together and that God is in control of absolutely everything.  We have a 50/50 chance of getting through a day under any circumstances and we don’t have much control over that at all on a good day.

I’m not one to presume on God, but it’s totally possible that He is allowing this situation so that we will pay attention to Him, and not focus on trying to get out of this on our own strength.  If we are allowed to make it through, it won’t be because of us.

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