COVID 19: May 23, 2020

Here’s a list of things that will never happen in the same way again.  I hope I’m wrong.

  • We can say goodbye to summer vacations permanently, even if we don’t fly anywhere.
  • Christmas will take place over video chat.
  • Church services will continue to be online or however else they are happening.
  • Concerts will never happen again, unless they are over Zoom.
  • Epidemiologists will become the new celebrities whether we care or not.
  • Prime Ministers and Presidents will no longer run their countries.  That responsibility will fall to top doctors.  However, the heads of state will continue to be listened to, in more of a ceremonial role, every day.  That will be enough for them.
  • Eventually we will not be allowed to open our windows in the heat of summer because the virus will continue to be on the move even at higher altitudes than the ground floor.
  • We will not see all of our families together again in the flesh.
  • Someone will eventually admit that our new way of life is a forever thing and that they themselves like it better this way.  We as humans will of course deal with it.
  • No vaccine will stop this new way of life.  This is the path that has been chosen.
  • This is now the precedent for every flu season and for more minor events than either of these things.
  • There will be continuous fear of a second wave because it keeps people listening.
  • Sports will try, but someone will think it’s too dangerous and they will be gone forever.  Athletes will become cart cleaners.
  • God is in control of everything and He knows what He’s doing, but in spite of this, many will continue to ignore Him.  I can’t imagine why.  It’s not like people have been able to solve this on their own.

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