“Creationism” Not Just By Chance

If you want to believe in evolution that’s Ok…but think about this for a second.  It’s not my intention to bash what you believe…but it will probably happen because that’s what people think when worldviews collide.  It’s a big mess really.  So without further to do…

What’s so bad about being created by a God who loves us?  (We’re sinners and we do a lot of things that He doesn’t like…BUT He still loves US!)  We were the pinnacle of His creation.  When we know that, how can we be satasfied with just “coming from monkeys.”  if we did come from monkeys…why have I never been attracted to one ever.  You don’t see guys dating actual monkeys…that’s just weird.  If evolution exists…how do they explain how the first piece of matter came to exist so that all things could come out of it?  If God did not create it…where would it come from?

If we were not created ourselves…why do we have such an urge to create things in our world?  We were made to show the image of God…and our creativity proves that.

People say that there is no proof for this “theory” of “creationism” LOOK AROUND YOU!  Everything you see in nature is so complicated and works so perfectly.  There’s no way Evolution could make all sorts of plants and animals exist at exactly the same time.  The Grand Canyon is much too big just to have been carved out by the tiny Colorado River.

Maybe people just don’t want to submit to a higher power because they think God is a “fun wrecker” The truth is He’s not a “fun wrecker” He does have our best interest in mind…over the long term….even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time.  We do not know His entire plan (and often we think our plans are better than His when they’re not)  God has it all together from beginning to end…even if we can’t see exactly what He’s doing until sometime later when it will all make sense.

It would seem to me that Evolution is based on a series of failures that have to be made up for…and it will continue to play catch up until the end of time.There doesn’t seem to be a real plan to this “hmm I wonder if this will work…nope…back to the drawing board I guess.”

Alternatively you could be made by someone who knows exactly what He’s doing and who has a specific plan for your life and reason for you to exist.

It’s your call…I’m just thinking out loud.

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