Creepy Emails: Olga


My name is Olga . I really enjoyed friendly relations with you. I am 30 years old. I love to listen to music , play games , homework. I dream about it, to perform a beautiful , intelligent and cultured man for serious relationship .

If you are interested in this position please send your request only to this e-mail:


Hello Olga,

I’ve never had relations with anyone.  I’d remember something like that.  You must have me confused with someone else.

I like music and games too, which is great.  But your grammar is even worse than the last crazy woman who wrote me.

I’m not so sure you’d like the age gap either.  That and I’m probably shorter than you, height is really important to women apparently, as I’ve been reading lately, which is unfortunate for me being a short guy.

That and I don’t even know you.

I’m sorry things won’t be able to work out.

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