Creepy Emails: Youliya


My name is Yuliya, I’m twenty six years old. I saw your profile on a dating source, and decided to write to you.

Since I have visited many of these sites, then unfortunately I had forgotten this site name.

If you have no complexes and ready to go in the world of pleasure and affection, if you are ready out of the gray boring life make vivid unforgettable tale, do not miss this chance, leave everything and write me soon!

I would have been very nice to meet you better, so I’m going to soon come to your country.

I love sex. We can communicate and share photos, even erotic. That’s one of my photos. In the future, of course, you would get more of my photos and be able to know me closer.


Please answer to my personal mailbox:


I’ll be waiting for your message.

Take care, Yuliya



I don’t do online dating, so I wouldn’t have a profile on any site.  Sex is very good in the proper context of a marriage.  Any sex outside of that just causes unnecessary problems.  Especially if it’s with a robot trying to seduce and scam me with sex.

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