Cross Country Adventure

Canada is a vast nation.  Last week my father and I traveled over 5,500 kilometers of it in 6 days.  Starting off in Summerland BC and working my way back home on the East coast.

Here’s a little taste of what happened during that time.

Leaving Summerland in the early hours of the morning in their timezone (we could do that because we were used to being 4 hours ahead anyway) we drove eastward through Peachland and Vernon.  Eventually we would come upon the town of Revelstoke and head into the Rogers Pass between Revelstoke and Golden BC…where we would see mountains…and mountains…and more mountains.  It was the Rockies after all.

Upon uneventfully passing through the Rockies we reached the metropolis of Calgary which was just as good as the last time I had been there.   After that there was a whole lot of flat and nothingness.  We had reached the Prairies.

The Prairies basically look like this all the way through.

Now as far as I’m concerned the Prairies are one continuous loop of farm land that for some reason extend over three provinces.  Alberta (after Calgary) Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.  It’s interesting that they divided this area up into three provinces when they probably could have just made it into one big one since farming is huge out there.  Never the less we plowed through the prairies stopping in the notable cities of Swift Current and Regina Saskatchewan as well as Brandon Manitoba.  (I had never been to Manitoba before this) so at that point I had officially been in all 10 provinces.  

Then it was on through Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.  All of these provinces are basically covered by woods   Ontario is known for the Canadian Shield and that was a long stretch, we stopped in the Nation’s capital of Ottawa before heading into Quebec which was also interesting when you account for the language difference in some places and the culture.  We passed through Montreal without getting stuck in traffic except we did.  We got stuck behind two snow plows who wouldn’t stagger themselves out.  Eventually they did and we could continue on our way…into a snowstorm in North Western New Brunswick.

Snow storm in New Brunswick

After a stop in Fredericton (that’s in New Brunswick) we made the uneventful trip back home to Springhill.  (That’s in Nova Scotia).

It truly was an epic journey and I could sit here and write about absolutely everything that happened but then you might get bored and we wouldn’t want that.

So if anyone was wondering, that’s why I haven’t been posting on here for the last week…I was doing this whole adventure!

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