Cruise Culture

Cruising is very interesting to say the least.  You jump on a ship and get to see far away places.  (Unless of course you are local to that area) Upon entering the Carnival Dream last week for such a venture I realized that their main goal is to make sure the vacationer has an experience he will never forget.  Everything is about being top notch and exceeding expectations where possible.  You don’t even have to make your own bed during the entire week.  The friendly cruise staff will encourage you to over indulge especially at the casino and bars because that’s where they make their money.  During meal times and throughout the day people come by asking if you want bar service when water is just as easily accessable (and free…which is bad for them)  The waiters are extremely courteous and good at what they do, thus making any eating experience awesome!  Port excursions are also top notch, the ship docks in a comercial area designated for tourists to get T-shirts and anything else they desire thus providing the host country with more income to boost their collective GDPs.   After that you actually get to go on your excursions and see some crazy stuff like exotic fish or zip lining or whatever.  Over all if you can manage to stay sane cruising can be a great experience.  I’d recommend it to anyone.

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