Exit: Sanctum Of Thought

ExitRichard and Olive stood at the front door of the large central building in the Pyorg camp.  He triumphantly turned the key and grinned at his wife.  They entered the place.  Inside was a fairly large room with no furniture.

“What do we do now?” Richard asked Olive.  He closed the door behind them.  They were enveloped in darkness.

“Let there be light!”  Richard said jokingly.  He was astonished when the room became more than adequately lit.

“Legend has it that whatever you think of can become available in this room,” Olive remarked.

“Really?  Well let’s try some things.”  Richard said, still in disbelief.  “I’d like  a pulled pork sandwich, let’s get a big salad for my wife here, some chairs, and a table to eat at.”

Lunch was served, immediately.

The two ate contentedly.  Olive had never eaten a salad like this before but she easily got the hang of it, and it quickly became a pleasurable meal experience for her.  She smiled at Richard.

Richard once again spoke into the void of space.  He had some more ideas he wanted to try.

“I’d like lunch for all the Pyorg tribe and a protective force field around the camp to root out anything with evil intentions.  Perhaps a working space ship so that I can take Olive on a trip back to Earth.  Also, I’d like a simple canvas bag.” stated  Richard.

Olive watched with anticipation.  The only thing that appeared in front of Richard was the canvas bag.

Richard grinned, he was becoming greedy.  His last request would be the most intense of all.

“I’d like the source of this great power to appear inside this bag,” said Richard.  He opened the bag and revealed a small glowing orb to Olive.

“What is the use of that?”  Olive asked.

Richard looked at his wife calmly and said, “now we can have this think it and you can have it power wherever we go.  So it would seem anyway.  The lunches were to distract the locals as we make our escape on our honeymoon!”

Richard escorted his days old bride out of the room.  Both their mouths dropped.  Richard became extremely excited.  Before them sat a two seat space craft.  Richard opened the hatch at the front and they both climbed in.  Starting the engine he let the jets do the rest of the work. The controls were intuitive to Richard, after all he had thought up the whole design then and there.  Richard hovered over the Pyorg settlement.

“Have you ever seen your home from this view?”  He asked.

“Never,” replied Olive.  She leaned in to kiss him.

After he finished enjoying the kiss, Richard couldn’t help but notice something out of the corner of his eye.  He turned the ship one hundred and eighty degrees and saw that the Pyorg men were making angry gestures at the couple.  He surveyed the burning huts, a byproduct of their ascent.  Some tried to fire crude arrows at the ship.  It was all in vain.

“Dearest, would you like to accompany me on a visit to Earth?” Richard asked.

“Nothing would please me more!” Olive replied.

“Good, because I don’t think they will be happy to see us for a while, Richard said.

“Let’s get out of here,” said Olive.  “You must be terribly homesick.”

“I can survive anything when I’m with you,” said Richard.

Another long kiss and they were off.  Richard always knew what to say to Olive in order to convey exactly how he felt about her.  Upon exiting the atmosphere of Opposia, Richard accessed the interplanetary positioning system and charted an auto pilot course for Earth.  They gazed at the stars for a long moment.  Then Richard engaged hyper drive.  One second later they were nearing Earth.  It looked just as he had seen in pictures, only better because he was seeing it in real life.  It was only at this point that Richard thought of the fact that he would be resuming his old way of life.  He wondered if any time at all had passed since his trip to Opposia. If so, How much time.  He thought of what it would be like to see his parents and brother again.  How great it would be for them to meet Olive.  He took her hand in his and together they gazed out the front window at the vista before them.

Though they were still a long way from entering earth’s atmosphere, the unmistakable continent of Antarctica lay before them in all it’s mystery.

“It looks cold,” said Olive

Richard nodded and said “Don’t worry dear, I don’t live in this part of the world.  My home has a much more agreeable climate.  I think you’ll like it very much.”

Olive smiled at Richard and the two continued on their bold new adventure.


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