Exit: Water Tension

ExitRichard swam with all his might.  He swam like he had never swum before.  For Richard, this was quite literally true.  He had never ventured further than the shallow end of most pools in the Halifax area.  What a way to learn!  It’s amazing what a person can be capable of when his life is on the line.

After fifteen seconds  his lungs burned for air. The pressure on his head was excruciating.  He swam even harder, against the odds.  His body wanted to survive, and it would do whatever was necessary.

After thirty seconds of intense swimming, Richard began to feel the water pressure ease on his body.   Richard could see a pale green light.  He swam toward it at an even more anxious pace.  His oxygen resources were running out.

After what seemed to Richard like an eternity, he broke the surface and breathed in sweet fresh air.  He noticed a familiar looking beach.  Allowing himself to float into shore, being carried by the relatively gentile current.

As he washed up on shore, Richard realized he recognized the beach.  It was the very same one that he had seen in his recurring dream.  If tradition held true, Richard would enjoy what was to happen next.

Richard had to admit to himself that this entrance to the dream was the most life like version of the dream he had ever had.  He had not ever broken into it from the ocean before, and never during broad daylight.    He took a deep breath, the air in his lungs felt as real as on earth, though it was not full of subtle toxins.  Richard thought this was a welcome bonus.  He instinctively began scanning the beach for the companion he hoped to find.


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