For The Ladies: All He Really Wants Is To Be Your Boyfriend

I actually can’t stand this song…but I’m using it as an object lesson. So watch this video if you want and then keep reading.

The main message of this song is about a desperate teenager who wants to be someone’s boyfriend.  In fact that’s all he wants to do.  There are so many guys who act like this in that stage of their lives.  They think that if they can get a girl then they will have no problems.  The thing is, serious girls, (the ones guys tend to want) don’t just want a boyfriend….they want a man.  A man that will be there…will this kid be there for her through thick and thin?  Boyfriends come and go…Real men stick around.  Don’t go for the guys who just want to be your boyfriend.  Go for the ones who want to commit to you in a life long adventure…through thick and thin, for better or worse.

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