FP Chapter 7: Faster And Faster

Dale was so excited.  He was hitting the ice road for the first time without anyone looking over his shoulder critiquing his every move.  He was going to have the fastest run up to the oil field anyone had ever seen.  At least this was how it played out in his head.  Dale knew that the weather could change at any moment.  Dale was so happy with himself that he forgot to go by the scales.

This error was not overlooked by Crimson “Burning Lights” Koyvu.  She saw him right away and got into her patrol car to pursue her new white whale.

“Stop in the name of the law!”  She screamed into her PA system at Dale.  If Dale heard any of it, he was certainly not paying attention.

Dale did notice traffic and lights behind him but he was so focused on doing his job for the company that pulling over seemed like a back burner sort of thing.

“This cop is not letting up.”  Dale said to himself as he barrelled past Cold Foot.  There was to be no stopping if he was to continue his record pace to the oil fields.   Up through the pass without chains on a day like today would be risky, but it would also mean admitting defeat and paying an extraordinarily large fine that Dale didn’t have the money for anyway.  He pressed on out of spite.

Driving through the bluffs in the ice fog that was forming made it extremely difficult to see anything for either party in this persuit.

“If I can’t see you.  I’ll smell you out!”  Crimson screamed into her PA.

Dale heard this.  He realized he must keep moving in order to avoid going to jail.

Dale slammed on his foot brakes, causing his load to tip over intentionally.  He had never done that to any of his loads previously, but times were different then.  Now he was on the run from the law, and would be for quite some time if he could help it.

Emerging from the wreck, Dale ran straight into the wilderness.  He didn’t know where he would go or how long he could last.

“It’s always good to leave people wanting more.”  Dale screamed, hoping Crimson heard it as he scampered off into nothingness.

Dale was never seen again.


Crimson was extremely upset with herself.

“That’s the first one that got away.”

She called in the neglectful wreck and headed back to the Fairbanks scales.  There was nothing for it.  Dale would die out there in the wilderness.  She would not get credit for the capture, but she was going to do as many responsible things that she could do in the mean time.

Crimson returned to Fairbanks empty handed.  She still had her job, but there would always be that nagging thought in the back of her mind.

What if?


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