God Made Man and Woman, Not D-Bags


Part 1
I was reading a certain series of articles from a certain publication which I read fairly often, mostly for kicks.  Anyway, in this series of articles entitled “Battle of the Sexes” the woman (who will remain unnamed because this is the internet and it’s not good to drop names randomly) stated in the first part of this series that men are “douche bags.” (If that is your philosophy you certainly won’t catch one)  Sure, some of us guys may not exactly know what we’re doing at first, beauty makes the male brain do strange things, in spite of that we can still respect you. Do you have to call us down to that low of a level?  This knowledge does not do much to encourage us as a species, we are human beings too.  Most of the “stupid antics” we pull off is just in an attempt to figure out your personality as a female…what you like and don’t like.  Once we figure that out, we will usually stop the “crap” and stick to whatever it is you enjoy about us.

She continues on and brings up a decent point about the fact that guys and girls can meet and “break up in 5 seconds.”  Guys who operate like this should indeed examine themselves before dating a woman to make sure they are doing it for the right reasons…and not just because they want it to look cool on facebook.  However, men who act like this are tarnishing the reputation of  men of integrity everywhere.  The rest of us actually do care about your needs and would do the best to fulfill them.  That’s why we’re either by ourselves, devoted to just one, or not involved in polygamous relationships.  (Polygamy is just wrong) and we do not want to destroy your lives.

Part 2
In the second edition of this series, the male fights back (It is sad that the general relationships between guys and girls has come to this).  He (along with pretty much every other male) took offence to the D-Bag comment made in the first installment.  He then states ways in which a guy could woo a woman, mostly by playing bass.  I would agree that this could be possible…If “Flea” can do it, how hard can it be?  Then again it depends on her personality…so you’ve got to pay attention.

Part 3
The closing section to this saga (hopefully) the woman’s retaliation of sorts (maybe that word is a bit harsh…sorry)  Anyway, she states that she is happy that this previously unnamed individual (who will continue to be unnamed) is able to admit to the faults of the male species, she then states that she prefers guitar players (which is just fine) and lists  points for guys to use to really woo women.  All of these are characteristics of a man of integrity (which is good to look for and I don’t blame her for striving for that) such as, being yourself, don’t lie, and if you’re not totally confident all the time don’t fake it just for her, or whichever woman you are with.


All this to say that not all men are “Douche Bags” It hurts us (or at least me) when people just assume this.  I’m not saying we’re perfect either, integrity takes time to build up and needs to be worked on constantly until it reaches a level that is acceptable to you, those special to you, and those who you run into on a daily basis.

by assuming that all men are D-Bags you may be missing out on the perfect chance at whatever you’re looking for…you never know.

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