Going Through Bleak House in 8 Weeks

Let’s get this straight. Charles Dickens is one of my favourite authors ever! He’s got some great classic works out there! You would have to be a great writer for your books to last as long and remain as popular as his have. I have had the great experience over the last couple months to be able to take a course that centres around Dickens and his writing. So far we have read Oliver Twist….that was pretty much cake! Now we’re on to Bleak House! That book is 914 pages if you have the Oxford edition….and longer if you have the Penguin edition.

That guy knows how to pack it in. Emphasizing so much detail in the smallest of ordeals. It’s a good read if page count doesn’t scare you. A mystery novel of sorts FILLED with intrigue…literally this thing is THICK! I wonder if the Jarndyce vs. Jarndyce case will ever end…only one way to find out!!!

MUST KEEP READING!!! (only 203 pages to go!)

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