Grocery Shopping Insanity

Grocery shopping is a necessary evil in life, nobody really wants to do it.  Why else would everyone save it for Friday night or Saturday and then all rush out at once!  There’s always  other people looking for the same stuff you are at the exact same time.  This causes the inevitable traffic jam as fellow shopping-cartists try to maneuver their metal baskets on wheels through out aisles that are barely wide enough to accommodate two directions of traffic.  Another interesting fact about grocery stores is that many of them are trying to become a one stop shopping experience with many chains offering clothing as well as food and hygiene essentials.  If you are shopping with girls at one of these establishments and are hoping to get out by a certain time, forget it, you will get out of there later than you would have wanted to, because they will more than likely have to try something on.  After all they can’t miss out on an opportunity of a good deal…or just a deal.

Grocery shopping is a true test of human patience.  It proves there is still some humanity in the world.  No matter how chaotic it seems when you go in there, you never have to worry about being completely run over by a rogue cart.  People are courteous enough no matter how crazy packed the aisles might get.  The same cannot be said if  you are at a mall on the last weekend before Christmas…then everybody is fair game!

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