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This may be useful later on so I’m pasting it here even though I found it elsewhere.

Confessions of a realtor, after 18 years in the business.


Some less obvious wisdom I’d like to impart.

Listing your home costs us a couple hundred bucks. $200 for photos. Up to $800 for video, photos and other fancy media. Oh, and a lockbox. Everything else is fluff. Keep that in mind when negotiating with us. A 1% listing fee is already a hefty profit margin. Most experienced agents can do the work with their eyes closed. You are paying for that experience and their reputation. If they charge more? Demand them covering for staging, minor repairs, and painting. Demand perks. Buying or selling. Have us pay your lawyer fees. Moving costs. For the listing or sale most won’t say no.

There’s no such thing as a neighbourhood expert advantage. Rarely. This is a marketing ploy to charge more. They can be an expert on the area, but that doesn’t directly translate to results. Almost always theres a different agent that brings the buyer. It’s also easy for any competent agent to use data to come up with a fair value for your home.

Responsiveness is one of the most underrated traits of a good agent. It’s disturbing how many realtors don’t even call back. Or once they lock a buyer/seller into contract, there’s minimal communication. This includes calling back other agents and leads from []( Nothing more frustrating for you, the public, and other realtors forced to deal with them. There’s a direct effect on the price you achieve as a seller. For buyers, you can imagine the harm.

Leads me to my next point. There’s tons of agents that work in pairs. No, not a solo agent with some magical back end support team. Actually two agents listing and or assisting you. Answering your calls. Answering calls from other agents. You do not have to pay more for double the labour in real estate. In my experience, these setups lead to better communication, total experience and results. Double the effort, double the results. It’s a no brainer.

Paint, new light fixtures, new light switches, and a deep cleaning are the highest ROI when selling. Also decluttering, new floors, and replacing ugly appliances if you have the cash. Buyers, if a place your considering needs these fixes, keep in mind you can be saving huge. Paint later, clean later, get new appliances. Replace the beat-up baseboard. If the numbers make sense, and you have the time later, there’s deals to be had where sellers neglected the home.

Trades with fancy vans and marketing always cost a lot more. Google ads and SEO aren’t cheap. You are paying for their marketing with the premium they charge. A good realtor will have a vendor list of unfancy tradespeople in crappy old vans. That do better and much cheaper work.

Set expectations early.

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