If You’re Not In A Relationship You Don’t Deserve To Exist According To Facebook

Just this weekend my news feed filled up with with wonderful news of friends getting into relationships.

I found it interesting that Facebook will place this news as a top priority on my news feed.  To the point where when I refresh the page it’s still there.

Mocking me.

As if to say that the only way to really live is to be in a relationship with someone else.  If you’re just you, you’re nothing.  That’s just not good enough.


I also found it interesting looking at the sheer amount of comments from friends and well wishers.  Someone decides to get to know someone else a little bit better and everyone explodes with affirmation and approval.  It’s not like these people got engaged or married.  I could understand it a bit more if it were proclaiming milestones like that.

People enjoy attention though. Not to mention the the perceived juicy details of their friends lives so they’ll keep posting everything that happens in their relationships.  Even if it’s unsavory.

I still have an appreciation for the private side of life.  It still exists.  We don’t have to share everything on the internet which for the vast majority of the time doesn’t care anyway.

I remember one funny incident when I changed my relationship status from “Single” to nothing and Facebook proudly stated that I “was no longer listed as single.”  You should have seen the positive reactions I got from friends.  “Who’s the new lady?”  “Congrats man!”  I had to explain that there was no woman in my life.  I was just tired of being defined by a relationship status.  They sadly reply something like “oh…”  I’ve since changed my status back to Single since unlisted because that caused too much confusion and sadness among my friends.

I’m not sure why they’re sad.  I’m still me.  It’s not like I haven’t tried from time to time.  I just haven’t found anyone to share life with yet.  We can still be friends though, can’t we?  Maybe that’s not good enough though.  Maybe Facebook was on to something after all.  I mean, what’s the point of being alive if you can’t brag to your friends about the fact that someone special thinks you’re worth spending time with?

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