It’s No Secret That Our World Is In Darkness Tonight

Everyone is worried about money.  Money and possessions.  The supposed economic freedom we have here in the Western world has become the standard for the rest of the world.  Who wouldn’t want to reach the level of success we have been blessed with for many years…but did the Western world take too much too early?  Think about it…it all started with imperialism.  The more powerful European countries trying to take over other parts of the world and deplete them of their resources for their own gain.  Then there was the time where the entire world economy was based off the value of the US dollar.  All of this time countries around the world are trying to keep up with the American standard of living, even if it means that their own country will go into debt as a result.  Take Greece and Italy for example.  Two financially strapped countries as a result of trying to keep up with the American dream.  Not wanting to see these countries go under, other countries have stepped in to help, risking going into the red as far as far as their own country’s budget is concerned.   World Wide recession could be a possibility…maybe even a total world wide economic collapse…

How long can we continue to live beyond our means?  If the economy tanks…money is just paper.  There are bigger things to worry about in life than just trying to keep up with the American dream.

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