Jimmie Johnson Wins The Ford Eco Boost 400 @ Homestead AND The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Championship


This day is a special day in racing on so many levels

Jimmie Johnson earned his first ever win at Homestead (from dead last I might add), and for the first time ever I have managed to pick both the race winner and the winner of the championship in one week.  Jimmie has also won the Sprint Cup Series Championship.  He’s done this before, but this is his seventh time.  This ties him with Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt for most championships ever.  He earned this one the hard way.  Now he has a chance to go for eight championships.  Nobody has ever done that before.

Since nobody gave a shout out to these guys during the acknowledgements, I’d like to give mention to the unsung heroes of the #Se7en campaign.  Carl Edwards and Joey Logano.  Their wreck opened up the door for Johnson’s opportunity.  Also, classy move by Carl to make sure there were no hard feelings with Joey’s crew.  I bet Jimmie and Chad will remain together as driver and crew chief for a long time with this result.  Chad Kanaus was crew chief for all of the #48 team championships.  That is a remarkable feat as well.

Congratulations to the whole group.  They all earned it the hard way.

I’ve seen some of the best racing ever this season, which makes me look forward to next season already.  February isn’t so far away.  Neither is that never before seen eighth championship.  They have a shot at the very top of the hill now.  We’ll have to wait and see what happens.  It’s going to be interesting.

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