Kurt Busch Is Still A Good Hire

Sure he’s had his moments he would like to take back, but in the end Kurt Busch is still as good a race car driver as they get.  The following pundit seems to agree with me.  He focuses on the fact that Richard Petty Motorsports should hire Busch (and that wouldn’t be that bad of a place for him to go, but the reasons he gives for that could be the same for any team willing to take the “risk.”  (Although it’s not that much of a risk if you ask me)

The first and foremost reason for hiring Kurt Busch as a driver is easy to identify. Without a doubt, he is one of the most talented wheelmen in the Sprint Cup garage area. Few drivers can handle a race car as well as this driver. He has 24 Sprint Cup victories and the 2004 championship trophy to prove that.
Any team that acquires Busch as a driver can eliminate the possibility that the driver is inept from the equation when trying to discern any problem with their performance.
Along with that, Busch would offer a vital ingredient to any team that has not yet reached the level of a championship contender. As stated before, this driver knows how to win races and championships. Thus, he knows how to offer the type of feedback a crew can use to improve the performance of the car. This is not something that should be taken lightly. There may be a high number of people out there who can wheel a racecar. However, there are very few who can step up to that next level of true contender.
Busch has obviously shown he can reach that high level. For a mid-level team hoping to become championship caliber, having a driver who has a proven track record would seem to be a necessity.
Based on all that has been mentioned above, the hiring of Busch would seem to be a ‘no-brainer’. But since we know he was dismissed from(or came to a mutual agreement to leave) Penske Racing there must be a problem. As has been well documented, that problem is the driver’s attitude. To say that he makes himself difficult to get along with is a considerable understatement.
A team such a RPM could have found a diamond in a scrap heap if recent events have helped Busch change his attitude for the better. He had a trying year personally in that he went through a marital separation in the midst of the last season. Perhaps the time that has passed since his divorce and the fact that he was removed from one of the sport’s top teams have gotten the driver’s attention.
Such a series of events have to have had at least some degree of a sobering effect, don’t they? If Busch’s attitude has improved after his tumultuous off-season, RPM may strike gold by hiring him.
For the reasons mentioned above, hiring Kurt Busch is a good idea for Richard Petty Motorsports.
Source:  http://racingwithrich.com/?p=1584

I think Kurt will learn from this one, and he’ll get on with another team and be just as competitive as ever hopefully.

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