Love Is Louder Than Loneliness

So many people are lonely these days.  One only needs to read the blog “Boundless” in order to find that out.  It seems like everyone is searching for that one person who won’t make them lonely anymore.  Thus they allow loneliness to take them over.  Loneliness is not a new thing.  It existed in biblical times between the time that God made Adam and the time He made Eve.  Loneliness inspired many Beatles songs and songs in general.

We all have a need to be needed and to socialize, God placed that in us from the very beginning.  To love someone is very good when you get the chance, that’s why God gives us friends.  Friends cut down on the loneliness and give us people to serve. Friends are also good for keeping morale up and encouraging you.  For those who are looking to be more than friends at some point and are wondering why it isn’t happening yet, fear not.  God has not abandoned you, he’s just shaping you into the person you need to be for the person you are looking for.  God did not create human beings to be islands.  One of the reasons God created the concept of love and friendship and everything that goes with it was so that loneliness could be conquered.  Loneliness is not a favourable position to be in, and God knows that.  God created the universe so that he himself would not be lonely.  Therefore, if God himself, cannot stand being lonely, you can rest assured that God will not make you to be lonely forever either.  If you do happen to be lonely, hang in there!  Things will change.

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