Lust For Death: In Books

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Another area where society craves death is in books.  There’s death scenes all over the place.  All equally tragic, most not as heroic as the author would depict.  Do they even bring anything to the plot lines of these stories?  You’ve lost entire characters to work with by involving them in some gory mess that they don’t get to come out of, and the reader is just supposed to act like that’s fine.

At this point, if you’ve read any of my longer works like AntiLite and Thoughts; Open Access you will wonder why I’m making a big deal about this?  After all, I’ve killed off many characters seemingly meaninglessly near the end of my longer books.

I did that because I’ve been trying to point to a much bigger problem in society, how we do not take the life God gave us seriously.  Life is a gift from Him, and we’re trying really hard to waste it.  Some could say I’m contributing to the very problem I’m fighting against with all the death scenes in my novels, and they’d have a good argument for that  I never meant to encourage anyone to carry out similar acts.  There’s enough killing atrocities going on in real life.  Why are we so meaninglessly killing off fake characters and acting like it’s ok.  The thoughts in the fake world can lead to actions in the real world.  We as authors need to be careful.

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