Lust For Death: In Suicide And Assisted Dying

I don’t understand why we as society are so enamored with these two.  We commend suicide victims for fighting their battle to the end.  you can go on the internet and find suicide videos of any method.  Why are we not more concerned?   Yes these people are horribly depressed and we need to help them as friends.  Suicide does not need to be the end and it should not be glorified as such.  As long as you’re breathing, you’ve got something to give.  God made us all for His purposes.  Our chief end is to glorify Him.  Suicide is like slapping Him in the face and trying to call our own shots.

Same with assisted dying.  Older folks sometimes think it’s their duty to die so they aren’t a “burden” to their children.   Truthfully, one of the most honourable things things we can do for our parents is to take care of them in their old age.  They are full of wisdom and they put in the time for us at the beginning of our lives.

Why can’t we repay the favour?

Isn’t assisted dying the same as murder?  Technically?

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