Married Men With Blogs: You’re A Christian, in Your Mid Twenties, and Still Single?!

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs (many by married men) that discuss the lazyness of men these days in regards to any sort of commitment.   You’ve all probably read some of them at this point.

For the record, I am in my mid twenties, and single.  This does not mean that I am against traditional marriage (between a man and a woman) I am very much for it, also getting married in your early twenties is not bad if you can swing it.  I had hoped it would have happened to me by now, but it hasn’t.

Some of those blogs would assume I’m lazy, don’t want the responsibility.  Why don’t I get out of the house, and marry someone as quickly as possible?

First of all, work is two blocks away and if I were to get my own place in this town it would never sell later on.  Does that seem like a wise decision to you now?  Oh and I am also studying so that when I finish my program in a year then I’ll be able to progress with my career.  Is that not fast enough for you married men with blogs?

Other blogs would complain that I’m not taking enough initiative in asking a woman to date me…I beg to differ.

There’s not a lot of women where I live now, and the ones I asked have said no.  What am I supposed to do, go desperately looking for someone?  I don’t live in Colorado Springs where there is an endless supply of available Christ following women.  Besides, some other blogs would accuse me of serial dating if I took that approach.

Other blogs would accuse me of being too lazy to travel to pursue a woman

(for the record I really enjoy traveling when I get the chance)

If I could see well enough to drive then I could see dating in other cities, but I am legally blind as far as the government is concerned…and it’s hard to look independent when other people drive you around all the time.  You may say I’m making excuses, but I’ve got things to work through that the average person never has to worry about.  Not that I’m special, there are plenty of people like me.

Still  other blogs that say that I need to be next to perfect, not have any struggles whatsoever (after all I will be the spiritual leader of the home: and I have no problem with that responsibility…or any others for that matter), and be able to impress a woman’s father before I even think about getting married.

I haven’t been able to do that yet…

Still others say that when you are single that means you are to do something dangerous for God, If not, you’re obviously lazy and selfish.

Um…I’m single, and not doing anything particularly dangerous…I’m not lazy and selfish though, I work and go to school…still.  School takes a long time these days.

Still others would go on to say that single people are completely worthless.  I’m not sure what they’re on about.

With all these differing opinions about the skills men need in the world today while keeping their all important spiritual health in check, can’t you see how it would take time to figure out how to do all these things properly?

God will and should expect much of me as a husband and I get that.  He knows what He’s doing, obviously I still have many things to work on.  God won’t give someone He loves a gift that is not the best for them.  Marriage is a very good thing, but obviously it is not the best thing for me yet, or I would be married by now.  God knows what He’s doing with me and that’s not to say that marriage couldn’t happen in the future.

So, married folks with blogs, relax.  Not all of us mid twenties singles are selfish, deadbeat playboys that sleep around and mistreat women.


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