Mega Churches? Bigger Isn’t Always Better

What’s wrong with Mega Churches? you may ask.  They’re all across the United States.  They’re filled with people.  That’s a great thing right?  Many Mega Church pastors are well respected and very famous.  Yet a large portion of the world has no knowledge of the character of God, or the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross to die for our sin and endure God’s wrath on our behalf.  When a pastor is more famous in his sphere of influence than the true character of Jesus, don’t you think there’s a problem there?  It also doesn’t help when pastors of these types of churches try to water down Jesus to make him appealing to everyone.  That is misinformation and not biblical. In 2 Peter 2, the Bible  warns us to watch out for false teachers like Rob Bell, Perry Noble, Mark Driscoll, Creflo Dollar and Joel Osteen just to name a few.  These pastors have huge followings because they tell people what they want to hear as opposed to what they need to hear.

And another thing.  When these mega churches are so huge, how is a pastor to really get to know his entire flock.  They meet in “campuses” that span the entire country.  There’s no possible way to get to know everyone when you’re spread out like that.  How does one person go about discipling all of these people?

Just a few thoughts I had on the issue.

Thanks for reading.

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