Minnesota Man Found To Be God’s Favourite Person?

This is old news, but I saw this and thought it was interesting.  From what I know of God, he doesn’t play favourites when it comes to his creatioon, he loves everyone equally. Nothing we can do, can make him love us any more….or any less.  However, the individual who wrote this article appears to think differently.
So here is the article…


OWATONNA, Minn. — Bill Halberstam, a 33-year-old human resources manager, has been identified by theologians as God’s new favorite person on the planet, the latest in a line that reaches all the way back to John the Beloved.
    “The favor of God rests on Bill in a unique way,” says one New Testament scholar. “It’s the consensus of observers worldwide that he really is God’s most beloved at this time in history.”
    Theologians have long believed that in every era God has a favorite person, just as John the apostle was “the disciple whom Jesus loved.” Previously, they say, God’s favorite person was Lui Zhang, a house church pastor in China. Before that it was a cleaning woman in Uruguay. With Lui’s passing, God’s favor now rests on Halberstam, they say.
    After hearing the news, Halberstam’s friends made him an honorary t-shirt, “Jesus loves me best.” But Halberstam refuses to wear it.
    “I’ve always had a great relationship with the Lord, but I thought I was like everyone else,” he says. “I don’t need to draw attention to it.”
    “He’s just a delightful guy,” says a friend. “It’s hard to be jealous of him. I’m not surprised God likes him best.”

Source: http://www.larknews.com/may_2008/4.php

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