My Experiences Playing Fortnite

Why are we fighting in the first place?  …and why does it supposedly take two weeks?

Thoughts from a person who absolutely stinks at shooting games.

These are questions I understand that I will never have answers to.  That and… Why does my character constantly change?  Playing as a girl is not terrible, after all, girls have had to play as guy characters from the beginning of games.  Super Mario 1985 for example.   I’ve had my best runs as female characters so far.  All of my top 5 finishes in Battle Royal, including my best second place finish came with the female characters.  I’m not sure if they are easier on the girls, but I’m not complaining.  I will never be able to win and I am ok with that.  In order to win, I would have to first survive long enough to be in the final 2, which is a miracle in itself, and then somehow eliminate the final other player as if I was actually taking this game seriously.  That’s just not going to happen.  Why?  I am a terrible shot!  I don’t know what the different guns are, and even when I have one with the scope thing, guys can run past and I’d still miss!  One time I had the balloon power up AND the bazooka.  I went to inflate my balloons to hide in the air and pick people off from above.  Fantastic strategy, right?  I go to inflate my balloons, hit the wrong button and blow myself up.  With that, my best chance at winning is a smoldering pile of guts and mush.  What a great title for an album!  Guts and Mush.   I’m totally sidetracking though. There was one time when I was trying to get on a motorcycle  at the beginning of a run and some guy who already had no health left started shooting at me.  I bonked him in the head with my harvesting pick, because that was all I had at the time.  That was enough to eliminate him.  As far as Fortnite is concerned, this is my crowning achievement so far in the game.  My favourite part of the game is hiding and seeing how long I can last befor someone inevitably shoots me.  In some cases I get cut in half with an axe.  I respect that more than being sniped from behind when I can’t even see the person.  Driving around, doing stupid stuff with the cars is pretty fun too.

In closing, I will never win a Battle Royal match, and I am ok with that.

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