My Greatest Half Hour Of Gaming Ever!

On dark winter nights, like this one, I like to play a little Ken Griffy Jr.’s Slugfest.  It reminds me of better times, like Summer, and arguably the 90s when I knew quite a lot of the player names in Major League Baseball.

I am playing as a seemingly souped up version of the Baltimore Orioles.  The game let me trade for whoever I wanted for some reason.  This lineup would not have existed in real life due to salary caps and what not.  However, this is a game.  May as well have fun!  My opponent for the night, the Oakland Athletics.

Check out my score!

The 6th inning was fantastic!

As a courtesy, I will show the Oakland stats before I gloat.

And now, the Baltimore Orioles of fake baseball.  (First in the fake American League, by the way.)

This is going to do wonders for batting averages.  Easily my greatest achievement of the day, besides work, and getting Christmas presents for people.  Yes, I really do have a life.  I just had half an hour to kill.  It was awesome!  My only regret is not screen recording it.

Here’s the fake American League standings so you know It’s not super easy.

That was fun.   Catch you next time.

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