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Some time ago I wrote what would become the E-Book “Life Through A Thicker Lens.”  It was about my comical misadventures and awkwardness living in this world being legally blind, along with having nystagmus, poor depth perception, and night blindness.  You can check that book out on my Wattpad page @bberry777.

While Life Through A Thicker Lens was comical in nature, I was inspired to delve into the more serious issues of being legally blind and the entire spectrum that is covered by that term.  Hopefully there will be some comedy, but I also plan to pick at stereotypes people don’t realize are out there for people who live like I do.  This blog series, which will most likely turn into an E-Book too, will explore many issues and interesting things not covered in Life Through A Thicker Lens

What about Exit?  you may ask.  I an continuing to write that story alongside this one.  I find it’s nice to write some non fiction along with my fiction so as to keep everything fresh.  It’s never hurt me to have plenty to write about.

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