On The Kurt Busch Matter

I’ve been a Kurt Busch fan since he started racing in NASCAR.  It saddens me to see him in this trouble.

If he did it then yes, suspending Kurt Busch was the right thing for NASCAR to do.  And this is coming from a Kurt Busch fan.  I would have to find a new #1 driver.  Nobody should be treated that way.

However, the more I look into the matter it seems to me that Kurt was suspended based on allegations.  Kurt was never formally charged with a criminal offense.  It’s hard to tell who’s side of the story was right with no video.  For now it’s just He Said She Said.  Which makes it strange to me that any justice system can more or less convict a person based on probablys and allegations when the truth may never get fully told.  Anyone could probably or allegidly do anything when you think of it.

Hopefully the entire truth will be told soon.  I’m not for domestic violence at all, but what happened to innocent until proven guilty?  Hard to prove anything with no video though.

Then that brings up an old kettle of worms with Travis Kvapil.  Kvapil plead guilty to abusing his wife and he is still allowed to race.  I don’t understand how these decisions get made.

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