One Day Left: The Eyes Of Abernathy Still See

I saw Jared emerge from his Advanced Web Development class. I took my chance and re entered his brain in a similar fashion as I had for Eryn.  A whole hour to mess with Jared.  Oh look!  Here comes Carol Bansnick.  The woman he is currently in love with.  This will be fun!

“Hey Jared, what are you doing looking at Carol.  You could never get her if you had all the time in the world.  Now I’m going to make your really tense”  Once again, no response

Of course I knew he didn’t.  Nobody has all the time in the world, and we never know when ours is up.

Apparently someone else, Drew Lopper was thinking the same thing only in a much more loud way

“What are you doing looking at my girl!!!!” he said as he punched Jared in the back of the head causing him to drop forward and fall to the ground.

Everyone around them fled the scene including Carol herself.  She didn’t even like Drew.  She immediately called 911 and alerted the vice principal of the college.


Drew lunged on top of Jared, took out a knife and stabbed him in the back with a generic butter knife which he had spent time sharpening and making into a small double edged sword of sorts.  You have to work with what you’ve got.  Jared immediately cried out in pain.  Finally! some sort of reaction I can feed off of!

Drew rolled Jared over, punched him  in the nose and began to gauge and lacerate his front as he saw fit.  “Your eyes and ears you will keep so you can see the blood and hear the screams!  In just a few minutes I will finish you.  You will never look for love again because a person like you does not even deserve life, let alone love.”  Drew continued to gauge at Jared with a smile on his face.  Truly, he was completely fulfilled in this moment.

Immediately, Drew was tackled and swiftly disarmed by the vice principal, who used to be an admixture football player.  He had burst onto the scene with paramedics behind him who quickly took the ailing Jared away.

“Young man!  Your actions go against the moral ethics of this school causing harm, and possible death in the future, to a fellow student is not acceptable here or anywhere else in the world.  Before I expel you and had you over to the police, I’m going to give you a brief chance to explain yourself.  Seizing this opportunity, Drew began to speak.

“This is where you are wrong, sir. There are no more moral standards in society today. People love violence, the media promotes it everywhere!  Society also loves it when people express themselves for who they really are,following  their dreams and passions.  I am merely expressing mine.  There is nothing I like more than dismembering people and showing them my physical dominance over them.  Why can’t I have my fifteen minutes of fame in the media like all the school violence advocates before me?  Everyone else gets to live out their passions freely.  Why can’t I?  If I can’t stab, lacerate, and maim.  I can’t live!  Did you ever think about that?  His life wouldn’t have measured up to much anyway.  Nobody even knows his name.  I’m really doing the world a favour.  In my great country of America, we were born through violence, killing off those who get in the way of what we want to achieve, it’s in our blood.  Soldiers are treated like gods in our great country of America and as far as I am concerned, they are!  I also have a weapon which gives me the same power as them.  The power to choose who gets life over death.  The first amendment entitles me to this.  The media praise people like me!  They can’t get enough.  They won’t talk about Jared nearly as much as they will talk about me and my act of valor!  I will have influenced many to become just as I am and keep our tradition of school violence alive!  I will join the pantheon of the greats!”

At this point the Vice Principal had heard more than enough.

“Mr. Lopper.” stated the vice principal. “Maybe there’s  a problem with your first amendment if this is how you are allowed to treat people.  You have no valor!  Soldiers do not shoot to kill.  All lives matter and have purpose!  You do not get to play God and decide who lives or dies when?  God is God, you are not!    Just because the media likes reporting on certain things does not mean they are the right things to be doing.”  Turning to the armed guard that had appeared during Drew’s monologue he spat out “Take him away!  I must notify Jared’s next of kin.”

The armed guard escorted Drew out of the community college where members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police were ready to take him for at least a night in jail as he would await a trial.

I should head over to the hospital.  I know I push people to the absolute limit but death was never my desired outcome.  Come along.  We may not have much time.

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