Oops, I Had An Idea, And I Shared It With Someone

This whole SOPA deal is interesting.  I do agree that piracy in terms of stealing music without paying for it should stop.  But keeping tabs on everyone’s internet actions, does this mean that Governments do not have any sort of faith in their own people to do the right things anymore?  And another question, if Governments are going to spend all this time monitoring the internet activity of everyone…how is anything else going to get done?

The internet was originally designed so that people could share their ideas…therefore it is full of the intellectual property of everyone.  Every time a person writes a blog post…that is their intellectual property that they have decided to share freely with the rest of their readers so that they might benefit from it.  Sometimes bloggers quote the ideas of other people in their blog posts and then the smart ones cite their sources and give credit to the original author, thus expanding the visual cyber profile of that author (I am “guilty” of this…but Jayski writes good stuff).  If governments really want to crack down on internet piracy and the possibility of sharing of intellectual property of others (get ready for this…) they should shut down the internet completely! (I spend too much time on here anyway) That is the only solid way to accomplish this…no internet means no internet piracy and sharing of intellectual property is severely limited (just like they seem to want).  It also means no access to the good things the internet has to offer either.  If sharing information and ideas is really such a bad thing, why do we have news programs every night?  If this trend continues those will probably get shut down too…and then one day nobody will be allowed to know or even think about anything with out getting into trouble.  Friends and family won’t be able to talk to eachother without clearing it with someone…  How does a society based on those kinds of principles survive?  People would never be able to tell others about their vacation plans…No more bed time stories…What kind of a world is that?

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