Options For Kurt Busch: Maybe Phoenix Racing?

The Kurt Busch saga continues…
Another team looking for a driver for 2012 would be the Phoenix Racing team.  Owned by James Finch, this team finished in the top 35 in owners points (Just barely), so Busch would not have to worry about qualifying on speed every single week.  Phoenix Racing is a low level team where sponsorship comes and goes, they run the #51 “Phoenix Racing” Chevrolet. 

Unlike TRG, Phoenix racing has not openly expressed interest in Busch just yet.  But that could change.

The thing that concerns me here is the same issue that I have with TRG.  In the event that Phoenix is interested in enlisting Kurt Busch to drive for their team, would they be able to put together a program competitive enough for Busch to contend for the championship and have fun racing?

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