Picks For The Win: ALL-STAR RACE @ Charlotte

No points and 1 million on the line.

No Brainers

1. #48 (but for this race #5) Jimmie Johnson Driving a different number for a special promotion for Lowes he still will be hard to beat.

2. #22 Kurt Busch Had the most dominant car here a year ago.  He won.  He could do it again.

3.  #18 Kyle Busch Don’t you know he just likes to win?

Guys To Watch

1. #11 Denny Hamlin Could he turn his season around here?  Maybe.

2.  #88 Dale Earnhardt Jr. He’ll get into the race on the fan vote.  But will he be able to back it up with a fast car?

3. #33 Clint Bowyer  I just want to see him avoid some disasterous wreck this week.

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