Picks for the Win: Amp Energy 500, Talladega AL.

The race begins in less than half an hour…here are my picks on who could win win…they are devided into catagories.

No Brainers:

1.#48 Jimmie Johnson. He’s good everywhere!

#29 Kevin Harvick. Hard to go against the guy who won the spring race here in April.

#1 Jamie MacMurray. He’s won here before and at Daytona in February.

Guys to Watch:

1. #2 Kurt Busch. His Superspeedway program has beefed itself up year after year. Can’t count him out. An underrated, yet huge threat for the win

#11 Denny Hamlin. He has led every Talladega race he’s been in and is a strong drafter. Keep an eye on him.

# 88 Dale Earnhardt Jr. He can win here, we’ve seen it before…but not recently. He qualified well. If he can get his car together and keep out of trouble he could do alright.

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