Picks For The Win: “Budweiser Shootout” @ Daytona

The first real taste of NASCAR in 2 months!  This is a non points exhibition race with a lot of money on the line for the winner at the end.  The actual season will start on February 20, 2011 with the Daytona 500…but the winning starts now with the shootout!

To be allowed to enter this bonus race, you have to have participated in the season before.  The categories for entry are:
Having been rookie of the year last season.
Being a past Bud Shootout winner within the last 10 years
Being a Daytona Winner (February or July)
Being a Past NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion

24 cars will get to start this race this year (a full field would be 43…so not everyone gets in on this bonus)

Here are my picks for the win:

No Brainers

1.  #48 Jimmie Johnson, He can win anywhere.
2. #88 Dale Earnhardt Jr.,  Lately he’s not been doing very well in any points races that actually count, but he does well in the Bud Shootout.
3. #29 Kevin Harvick,  He won the shoot out last year and he is a good plate racer.

Guys to Watch

1.  #22 Kurt Busch, Kurt is a good plate racer, he often does well in the shootout, if he can stay out of trouble he should be a contender at the end.
2. #18 Kyle Busch,   If Kyle can keep his car in one piece, he should be able to contend for the win also.
3. #97 Kevin Conway,  Kevin Conway was the rookie of the year last year (mostly because he was the only rookie running that season)  He’s going to be in the #97 Toyota run out of NemCo stables.  The last time the #97 was run was when the 2004 NASCAR Sprint (At that time it was NEXTEL) Cup Champion Kurt Busch used it back when he was with Roush Racing.  (except his was a Ford)  Kevin has to keep this car competitive to keep up its good name!

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