Picks For The Win: Daytona 500 @ Daytona

Doens’t take long for things to come back around again.  Let’s get into it.

No Brainers

1.  #11 Denny Hamlin.  If he can win 3 Daytona 500s then a 4th could happen too.

2. #22 Joey Logano.  He is good here.  Last season was not his best effort even by his own standards.

3. #34 Michael McDowell.  He stinks at most other places, but he is really good here.  Wouldn’t surprise me if he won for a second time.

Guys To Watch

  1.  #3 Austin Dillon.  He’s won a Daytona 500 back in 2018, a Coca Cola 600…sometime after that, and also a Daytona Summer Race.  With nothing else to show for his career, Austin may very well continue with the trend of only winning at the big races so that his resume looks good.
  2. #10 Noah Gragson.  Maybe the change of scenery from Legacy to Stewart Haas will help him be a better race car driver.  At least they don’t care if he accidentally liked an unfortunate tweet.
  3. #6 Brad Keselowski.  There’s no reason he can’t make a top 10 finish happen this weekend.  His team is on the ups and it’s only a matter of time before he gets a win in a car he owns instead of just driving for the man.

***Interesting Note.  With Kevin Harvick retiring and choosing to talk about racing, rather than actually race, this will be the season where nobody is racing anymore from when I started watching racing back in 2002.  The official change of the guard is complete.

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