Picks For The Win: Daytona 500

Ah yes, the start of another season of racing.  You know how this goes by now.

No Brainers

  1. #2 Brad Keselowski.  When he gets out in front of the draft he is nigh untouchable.
  2. #4 Kevin Harvick.  It doesn’t matter what manufacturer he drives for.  Kevin comes to win at Daytona.
  3. #41 Kurt Busch.  Kurt finished third in his duel.  Hopefully he will improve on that and win his first ever restrictor plate race.  If Kurt can stay away from Jimmie Johnson, he should have a really good chance.

Guys To Watch

  1. #48 Jimmie Johnson.  What happened to him?  He hasn’t been able to finish anything he’s entered in at Daytona so far.  He’ll probably still come back and win the championship.  No worries for him really, even though he needs to start at the back in a backup car.
  2. #14 Clint Bowyer.  He’s come back to life since being at Stewart Haas.
  3. #1 Jamie MacMurray.  He’ll eat your rear bumper right up.

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