Picks For The Win: Ford 400 @ Homestead

This one’s for all the marbles.  This is what Denny Hamlin, Joey Logano, Kevin Harvick, and Ryan Newman have been working towards all year.  (So was everyone else but they didn’t fair as well in the new elimination rounds.)  Whoever finishes highest out of those four drivers will be the 2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion.  I believe that guy will have to also win the race, but who knows?

No Brainers

1. #4 Kevin Harvick.  Kevin has been working hard all year.  He has had speed everywhere he goes.  He will be in contention to win the race, and if he does…or finishes higher than the other three guys who are still in it.  Harvick will win the championship.

2. #22 Joey Logano.  He got to this point on wins.  Logano has more wins than any of the rest of his championship competition.  He could certainly win the race tomorrow.  and if he does…or finishes higher than the other three guys who are still in it.  Logano will win the championship.

3. #11 Denny Hamlin.  He got here based on consistancy, and that win at Talladega in the spring. Hamlin has won at Homestead before   and if he does…or finishes higher than the other three guys who are still in it.  Hamlin will win the championship.

and a special 4th No Brainer.  This has never happened before.

4. #31 Ryan Newman.  Newman has no wins.  He got here based entirely on finishing just well enough to advance to the next round each time during the eliminators.  Newman has had a solid season no doubt, If he wins at Homestead it will be his first.  If he doesn’t win, but finishes higher than the others who are still in contention, Newman could become the first driver to win the championship without winning any race during the season…and it would render the current system useless, because NASCAR wanted to emphasize wins when they came up with this new format.  It would be cool if Newman won though.  20 years after Dale Earnhardt and Richard Childress’ last championship.

Guys to watch (just 2 this thime since there’s 4 no brainers).

1. #41  Kurt Busch.  Under mounting pressure for him to quit racing due to allegations of domestic assault.  We don’t know if that’s true or not, but Kurt continues to race well in spite of all of that.

2. #24 Jeff Gordon.  He says he’s heartbroken about not making the final round, but he’s on the pole, so he’s certainly not giving up on the win.

My pick to win the Championship.

#4 Kevin Harvick.  We’ll see how that pans out soon enough.


Since this is the last race of the season, that means this is the last Picks For The Win segment until February.  Do not despair, there’s still more to come on the blog through the winter.  (I have to finish writing my novel after all).  Thanks for reading, and stick around because there’s more to come.

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