Picks For The Win: Goody’s Fast Relief 500 @ Martinsville

Now it’s time for the shortest track on the circuit.  It’s just a really big paper clip.

No Brainers

1. #48 Jimmie Johnson He wins here pretty much all the time.

2. #11 Denny Hamlin  It’s one of his home tracks, and when Jimmie isn’t winning there, Denny usually picks up the slack.

3. #24 Jeff Gordon  And when neither of those guys are winning, this guy might get a chance.

Guys To Watch

1. #39 Ryan Newman He’s been running solid lately.  He could possibly steal a win in the near future.  Nobody would see it coming

2. #14 Tony Stewart  He might have found his game in the last few races it seems.  Let’s see how well he does.

3. #22 Kurt Busch  Kurt just didn’t have the car to be competitive all day last week at California, unfortunately.   However, this week it’s Martinsville and he’s good on the short tracks.  This would be a good place for him to make a comeback.  Being first in the points is so much better than being third!

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