Picks For The Win: Helluva Good Sour Cream Dips @ The Glen

Road courses and road rage!

No Brainers

1. #42 Juan Pablo Montoya  Montoya has proven he can win on a road course in pretty much every series he’s ever raced in.

2. #9 Marcos Amberose  Amberose is always a threat on a road course…especially at The Glen.

3.  #14 Tony Stewart  He’s won here quite a few times.

Guys To Watch

1.  #22 Kurt Busch  He was dominant at Infineon…can he be just as dominant at The Glen?  That would be cool!

2.  #48 Jimmie Johnson  Can he get over his latest spat with Kurt Busch…or is it just going to keep eating away at him on the inside?

3.  #31 Jeff Burton  Will he finish the race this year?

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