Picks For The Win: Hollywood Casino 400 @ Kansas

Joey Loagano won last week.  I’m almost never right on these things.  But let’s see about this week.

No Brainers

  1. #22 Joey Logano.
  2. #2 Brad Keselowski.  He and Joey tend to do well here consistently
  3. #4 Kevin Harvick. He’s good everywhere.
  4. Hey why are my lines not working right?
  5. Everything’s numbered…


Oh well.  Let’s continue on…

  1. Guys to watch
  2.  #41 Kurt Busch. I expect a solid run  out of him if nothing weird happens.
  3. #15  Clint Bowyer
  4. #19 Carl Edwards.  Both the hometown guys will run hard here.


  1. Well that’s it for this week.
  2. Sorry about the technical difficulties
  3. hahahaha this is crazy.

Maybe I should get in on BJ Novak’s List app after all.

  1. See all of you next week.

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