Picks For The Win: The All Star Race @ Charlotte

$1,000,000 on the line and no points.  It’ll come down to who’s hungriest.

  1. #48 Jimmie Johnson.  He’s tired of wrecking at tracks he dominates on.  I’m sure he’ll be hard to beat tonight.
  2. #2 Brad Keselowski.  He enjoys coming through in big moments.
  3. #88 Dale Earnhardt Jr. He doesn’t need to get in based on the fan vote this year.  That must take a load off.

Guys to Watch

  1. #10 Danica Patrick.  I’m sure she’ll be in based on the fan vote
  2. #24 Chase Elliot.  His car is the strongest out of the showdown cars so he will be in the big show.
  3. #3 Austin Dillon. He could run second in the showdown and make it in.

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